Throat Chakra – The Full Tune Up


Activate, clean, open, heal the throat chakra on all 3 levels. Complete neck chakra tuning with binaural beats, solfeggio, isochronic tones and the Schumann frequency.


Activate throat chakra – open throat chakra and clean chakra with binaural beats as a new chakra meditation

Humans have seven main energy centers that have to be promoted and opened on their path to personal development. The further a chakra is open, the further the corresponding skills are trained. Characteristics such as a balanced sex life, more self-confidence, more energy, increased speech skills, better and clearer thinking, enlightened states, calmness and willpower … all of these things can arise through a balanced opening of the chakras.

Activate, clean, open, heal the throat chakra on all 3 levels. Complete neck chakra tuning with binaural beats, solfeggio, isochronic tones and the Schumann frequency.

30 min throat chakra – low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency each 10 minutes

5. Chakra, the throat chakra / Vishuddha chakra (Vishuddhi = cleanse)
The throat chakra is located at the level of the larynx. It stands for truth finding and communication. For our relationships, this means that we have learned to bring harmony into our environment through conversation. Physical symptoms of a blocked throat chakra include thyroid disorders, neck pain or speech disorders. Inhibitions and a lack of expressiveness also indicate problems in this area.

The throat chakra is the center of communication and creative self-expression, self-determination and independence. Here we open ourselves up to subtle dimensions, receive the messages of the inner voice and spiritual inspiration and come into contact with the inherent mind.

When the throat chakra is fully open, feelings, thoughts and inner knowledge are expressed openly without fear. You are able to show weaknesses as well as strengths. This chakra also shows whether a person is able to accept what is offered to them.

If the throat chakra is disharmonious, the life and feelings that are present cannot be accepted. This is often compensated for with distrust. You see the world as an enemy place. You are cautious and have negative expectations about what to expect. You expect hostility, violence or humiliation rather than love and food. Since one builds up a negative force field around oneself with these expectations, one also attracts negative experiences, according to the law “like attracts like”.

Activated throat chakra:
The activated throat chakra manifests itself in a strong communication ability. This does not mean superficial chatting, but the ability to understand yourself and others and to make yourself understandable to others.
An active throat chakra enables people to listen. He is open to discussion and able to talk about his feelings. People with a balanced throat chakra are very creative and open to inspiration.

Abstract – Indicators for trouble-free throat chakra
Verbal and creative expressiveness, fluency, communication skills, conscious use of words (truthfulness), beautiful voice, musicality

Blocked throat chakra:
People whose throat chakra is blocked are unable to make themselves understood, to express their ideas, opinions and ideas and thus to maintain a verbal exchange with others. This inhibition manifests itself in shyness, language blocks and also the inability to listen to the other.

Short version – indicators of disorders / blockages in the throat chakra:
Difficulty expressing feelings and thoughts in words, fear of expressing one’s own opinion, inhibitions, shyness, no access to the inner voice, sore throat, sore throat and tonsillitis, hoarseness, speech disorders e.g. B. stuttering, oral cavity, gum and jaw infections, pain in the cervical spine, neck + shoulders, over / under function of the thyroid gland and associated disorders such as. B. Nervousness / lack of drive

Function of the glands associated with the throat chakra:
The thyroid produces, among other things, the hormone thyroxine, which is responsible for growth, development and nerve function. It controls the energy consumption / metabolism in the body and the development of the body. The parathyroid gland controls the calcium level in the blood.

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