Surfing Breeze – Pure Relaxation


With Surfing Breeze you are especially right as a beginner in dealing with such frequencies that change your consciousness and body.


Surfing Breeze – meditation music and relaxation music to fall asleep. These binaural beats for relaxation help you to reach a deep, relaxed and liberating state.

Only a gentle wind noise inspires the mind to absolutely deep relaxation and encourages self-reflection. This music also relaxes the body in a weightless state. An optimal preparation to attune yourself to the world of brain frequencies and to open the brain to the reception and the effect of such sounds.

With Surfing Breeze you are particularly right as a beginner in dealing with such frequencies that change consciousness, brain and body!

In addition, this wellness music with binaural beats can be used in patient treatments because it is really very relaxing music. Even dentists use this MP3 to create a pleasant and relaxed mood for the patient. Also very good to use for massages, autogenic training or light meditations. It is also possible to listen to this MP3 on a couch or in an armchair and to relax optimally. The MP3 can also be used as gentle sleep music. This MP3 can prove how easy it is to relax comfortably.

This MP3 is particularly suitable for beginners and is an excellent introduction to the world of binaural frequencies. Please use headphones.

Duration: 30 min.

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