Meditation Music as MP3 (audio file) and Video Files for Out of Body experiences (OBE), Lucid Dreaming, Activation of the Pineal Gland, Health, Self-Healing, Super Learning, Schumann Frequency, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Alien Contacts and much more

On this page you will find brainwave frequencies and meditation music with silent subliminals, sound pitch system, binaural beats, video sound frequencies and many other additional modules that make personal goals possible to the present time using meditation, music and video.

Sounds can bring houses to collapse… but also heal the body and mind, they can also influence the brain in such a way that they trigger many different states and make them tangible! In this way, health becomes possible, but also parapsychological skills such as telepathy, telekinesis and out of body experiences as well as drug states such as under LSD, DMT, MDMA etc.

There are a large number of MP3s in the shop that support the achievement of all possible states by simply listening to them! On the shop website the MP3s and data are sorted by topic. Most of the files are MP3s and some video files with combined video-audio frequencies – a completely new concept exclusively from Brainkicker.

The Influence of Tones on our Body

Sounds can bring houses to collapse, music can relax, move, delight or make people happy, so why not heal or lead a person into desired conditions? The meditation MP3s developed by Jonathan Dilas work with binaural tones (binaural beats) that are mixed into music to cause the brain to vibrate at specific frequencies that may correspond to any desired condition. Thus, it is not only possible to bring about a deeper relaxation of the body and mind, but also to adapt the brain to the frequencies of a perfectly healthy person or to enable deep meditation, faster headache dissolution, increased libido, self-confidence, increased awareness, to promote parapsychological skills and to resolve all kinds of depression or fears, but also to increase the memory of dreams or to trigger lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences. The possibilities are almost endless!

How can you understand that?

The brain frequencies in the form of MP3s offered by the well-known consciousness researcher Jonathan Dilas in this shop generate those frequencies that correspond to the desired state during listening.

To give a simple example:

The brain of a completely healthy person vibrates differently than that of a sick person. If you now move the brain of a sick person to vibrate at the frequency that corresponds, for example, to the healthy state, the body is trained accordingly and signals are sent to the body so that it becomes healthy again. Sometimes the mere use of a certain frequency helps, as was the case with many people who have tried these MP3s (see feedbacks), to achieve the desired state.

Also a distinction is made between music MP3s and the so-called “pure tones”. At first, MP3s with music are nicer than pure tones, but if you have listened to the song ten times, you will quickly get tired of the music. For this reason, pure tones are mainly offered in the shop (unless otherwise stated), although it is only the pure frequencies themselves. You can listen to them a hundred times and you never lose interest in them. You can run these frequencies in the background, smooth and many times.

Thanks to Jonathan Dilas’ contacts and years of tests with EEG’s and self-tests, he can now speak for himself and from the experience of hundreds of people who have corresponded with him about the effects of the MP3s offered here. In addition, it has an accurate frequency list that contains the state of many people in a certain brain vibration state and recorded in connection with an EEG. Using this list of frequencies, he creates this audio MP3s.

He also works with the so-called “Silent Subliminals” on some MP3s, e.g. subliminal messages, in the form of hidden affirmations or suggestions, on the subconscious. A technology that was banned worldwide in the field of advertising in the 1970s and when the patent appeared in the register, the CIA bought it directly and then declared it as secret. In the meantime, however, this technology has been released again by the secret service and can at least be used privately. They have been proven to be very powerful in their effect and greatly support the achievement of a desired state.

How does it all work?

The human brain vibrates at a certain Hertz number, depending on the state it is in at the moment. To simplify, a short list of the main standard frequencies of the brain follows:

State – Frequency Range – State of Consciousness

Epsilon: 0.1 – 0.5 Hz – High-Level Awareness
Delta: 0.50 – 4.00 Hz – Deep Sleep
Theta: 4.00 – 8.00 Hz – REM Sleep
Alpha: 8.00 – 14.00 Hz – Relaxation State
Beta: 14.00 – 38.00 Hz – Awake and focused
Gamma: 39-99 Hz – Increased Awareness
Hypergamma/Lamda): 100-200 Hz – High-Level Awareness

Light and deep meditations take place in the theta or delta state and can have a very positive influence on the body. However, many beginners have problems reaching such states in a short time. Often years of meditation and practice are necessary to enter such states consciously and in a controlled manner and from there to give suggestions to the subconscious, e.g. to heal the body, to free oneself from fears, lack of self-confidence or other problems, or even consciously to be able to enter dreams and trigger out-of-body experiences. But with the help of the available frequencies this can be achieved much faster.

Not only can improved concentration, attention, alertness, health and well-being, higher athletic performance , more creativity and increased intelligence be achieved through meditation and/or efficient suggestion, but also changed and expanded states of consciousness, more self-awareness and effective self-therapy. However, the MP3s created by Dilas strongly support and promote these possibilities and make it easier to reach such states more quickly. In order to influence the subconscious mind in such a way that it can effectively affect the body and psyche, many years of practice are required, but luckily in the age of digital computer technology this has now also become easier:

What does that mean exactly?

A person who listens to one of these MP3s in a relaxed state receives tones via the hearing organs that vibrate in approximately one of the frequency ranges mentioned above, or gradually move the listener into a deeper state from which he can work optimally with suggestions. There are hundreds of different frequencies, each of which represents a very specific state and can simulate this for the brain. The respective frequency therefore decides what state you are in. At the moment of meditation, a meditator has a completely different brain vibration than, for example, a person at work or a student during his examination or a jogger during his morning run, etc. If a certain brain frequency is now simulated using these tones, it supports easier reaching of the respective one state. Nothing else is actually the use of such frequencies as brainwave training. The more you listen to them, the more the brain is trained to vibrate at the preferred frequency.

Video-Audio Frequencies (New!)

“Audio-Video Frequencies” are a new form of transmitting the frequencies that are important not only to the brain but also to the eye. Here the tones are presented acoustically and visually in combination in order to pass on the effect twice as strongly. For this it is advisable to look at the screen in the dark, to place the loudspeakers to the right and left of the ear and then to listen and look at them simultaneously. A completely new approach to reinforce the desired effect.

Silent Subliminals

Each headphone is suitable for listening to the MP3s in this shop! However, some of the MP3s have integrated Silent Subliminals and ONLY these require (these MP3s have the addition SSL in the title) a special headphone that can play up to 20,000 Hz. Only such headphones can play accurately Silent Subliminals with its underlayed suggestions (e.g. to activate the pineal gland, to trigger lucid dreaming, promote out-of-body experiences or other skills). Silent Subliminals can pass the consciousness without filters directly into the subconscious. (Attention: Without headphones with up to 20,000 Hz, the Silent Subliminals cannot be transfered into the subconsciousness, since they are played in a higher frequency range, which is outside the frequencies that we can hear by using standard headphones. However, those who prefer to work with speakers would just like to have one that also covers these frequencies, for example the Wavemaster MOBI mini speaker system or Bluetooth boxes like those from Philips. You can connect it anywhere, even to a smartphone. At the moment only a very few MP3s require these special kind of headphones, all other brainwaves can be heard normally with any headphones. MP3 with Silent Subliminals are specially marked and only for these special headphones are necessary.

What is TPT?

“TPT” means “Time Pitch Technique” and was personally developed by Jonathan Dilas. He works primarily with this special technique for the digital recording of suggestions. He simply creates suggestions at different playback speeds because he assumes that deeper layers of consciousness and the world of dreams have different timelines than our everyday world, and then places them in the MP3s in a well-placed manner. Time can go slower or faster while dreaming. Just think of “Alice in Wonderland“, where this little girl spent days in another world and when she returned to her everyday life, only minutes had passed. TPT is based on this. 

Brainkicker invites you to look around our shop and find out the right frequency for you…