Live more Lucid Dreams No. 1


Ideal for increasing dream memory, for smokers who would like to quit, and for general meditators and those who would like to travel out of body.


Experiencing a lucid dream for lucid dreams and learning lucid dreaming with binaural beats is pure adventure!

Experiencing a lucid dream can hardly be described how fantastic and awesome it feels! The normal cloudy dreams, veiled, dark and not very conscious, are difficult to remember. But a lucid dream is unforgettable! The cloudy veil is pulled from the eyes and an indescribable clarity opens up. All details are perceptible as if you were sitting in front of an ultra 4k monitor that shows you your own dream world.

The whole lucid dream also has its own continuity, everything is suddenly logically structured and the lucid dream is at least as clear in its perception quality as the perception in everyday life. An incredible experience!

Learn lucid dreaming with lucid dreaming techniques with lucid dream techniques to consciously dream. So you can learn lucid dreaming quickly and is the best guide to clear dreaming to experience a WILD clear dream. These frequencies are an optimal guide for lucid dreaming and to learn lucid dreaming quickly.
There are two ways to get into a lucid dream with the right lucid dream technique, i.e. about WILD and MILD:

WILD = Waked Induced Lucid Dreaming, i.e. from the waking state in a relaxed meditation you go straight into the lucid dream.

MILD = Mnenomic Induced Lucid Dream (memory-induced lucid dream, i.e. you fall asleep and in a dream you suddenly realize that you are dreaming.

These are the two ways to experience a lucid dream. Either directly from the waking state or only within a normal cloudy room you can see that you are dreaming.

The frequencies promote the dream memory and help trigger lucid dreaming.

On this MP3 with binaural beats you can also hear a lot of noises and sounds that you can hear in nature and the environment. They stimulate the imagination and inspire dreaming. It is not bad if you should fall asleep with this MP3 because there are sounds built in that always wake you up a little and influence the kind of dreams through the respective sounds.

Imagination has always been a bridge to dreams and can be used excellently to maybe jump into a dream. The ‘light dreaming’ sharpens the perception within the dreams and sometimes makes them as real as normal waking life, sometimes even more real. This MP3 with binaural beats contains many sound and music effects.

Ideal for increasing dream memory, for smokers who want to quit, and for general meditators and those who would like to travel out of body.

This MP3 contains tones, suggestions, subliminals, binaural beats and sound files. Please use headphones.

Duration: 30 min.

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