Inner Silence & Shut down Ego


With this MP3, the dissociative state can be reached in order to silence the mind & for inner silence. It is an Ego death meditation to dissolve Ego.


Find inner Silence, shut down Ego, achieve dissociative States and overcome Detachment from Ego


This new exercise is about reaching the dissociative state. (Compiled by “The Matrixxer“)

This means silencing the mind and achieving inner silence. In this dissociative state, consciousness expansions and insights are possible as well as storing and increasing one’s own personal energy. This is done by calming the mind and letting the ego take a back seat.

Finding inner Peace, inner Serenity and above all inner Silence by using the Dissociation

The advantage of achieving this state is the gift of collecting the energies consumed by thinking and aligning them with your personal goals. So an energetic dam is created, which then keeps the energy available. For example, if you practice this exercise once a day, after a few weeks enough energy will have accumulated that self-healing is possible, but also the dream memories intensify or even out-of-body experiences occur. Not to mention everyday life, which can then be made much easier and more relaxed, since there are enough energies to master it.

Not only finding inner peace and inner serenity, but also achieving a dissociative state in which one can enter absolute silence.

Shiva Suraya and Jonathan Dilas accompany you on this downloadable video.

  • Resolve Ego

  • Dissolve Ego

  • Recognize Ego & Camouflages

  • Trigger Out of Body Experiences

  • Leave Matrix

  • Gain knowledge and truth


  • Practice part approx. 1h 05 min
  • Including special frequencies for dissociative states

Contents 2 files:

  • 1 Video “Inner Silence” (size: 1,12 GB)
  • 1 Video exclusively with Dissociation (828 MB)

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