Product Reviews

Binaural Beats – Positive User Feedback:

A little experience report on the frequency “Ego death” by me. So, I tested it and can say it works. 😀 You almost immediately get into a dissociative state and quickly into the state to a kind of “threatened” feeling – which should also be the goal of the frequency. 🙂 But even without dissociating you get into this state within a few minutes. The frequency is all the more effective during the dissociation.

“I think it’s great that all of your MP3s are of the highest possible quality!”

“I just listened to the MP3 “Surfing Breeze” and felt a strong tingling in my arms. And then it went on to the belly and chest. Then continue to the head. Then I didn’t feel the body anymore and was totally relaxed.”

“The MP3 “Light Dreams” has made me more relaxed than ever before. I enjoyed it so much that I listened to the MP3 again. ”

“I listen to the MP3 “DMT”. It is surprising what effect it has. I don’t know the original substance DMT, but its effect is described by many as the spiritual substance in the universe. You really find yourself in another dimension when listening, you are clear in the role of an observer and you perceive yourself and the physical body from a different perspective. It is a completely new inspiring experience the hidden sides of our true being. Afterwards you feel like you are newly created and you are much more alert in your mind. Good production and highly recommended.

“That was really blatant! I listened to the MP3 “Higher Awareness” and after 10 minutes I fell out of bed and realized that I was out of my body! Before I only heard strange sounds and everything was vibrating, but then I was already next to my bed in my astral body! ”

“You were absolutely right, by the way, “Higher Awareness” actually does a pretty good job, thank you again for that. Had an incredibly intense experience last night after just listening to it once and still can’t really explain what happened, because it was so extremely realistic and completely unexpected… but also disturbing…”

“It was amazing! I listened to the MP3 “LSD” and when I then opened my eyes and looked around the room, everything was very intense to look at. The room seemed to be moving and the colors were more intense. Then everything vibrated somehow and everything was as if it were liquid! It was amazing!”

“I have heard the MP3 ‘Clairvoyance’ a few times and was so amazed, the first time I received something clairvoyantly that I would not have been able to do so quickly with my normal meditation.”

“I listened to the MP3 ‘Relax’ and felt an incredible relaxation. Man, I was very relaxed all day! Nothing could throw me off the track anymore.”

“First of all I would like to give you some feedback before my question. I got the isochronical tones for “Astral Projection” from you last week. When I listened for the first time, I was able to feel not only my astral hand, but also my astral foot. The second time, after 2 minutes of listening, I felt something that I can only describe as an earthquake that shoke through my whole body. I’ve never got this far. For me, these tones work best, I have to say. I currently just listen to the MP3 on weekends – as soon as I wake up. I also feel that this isochronical tones work best for me. Many thanks for that. I am absolutely convinced of it.”

“Your MP3 ‘self-healing’ helped me a lot to make my body feel healthier again. My stupid allergies have also decreased somewhat and my hay fever is almost gone. It’s incredible! Thank you!!”

“I’ve already tested some manufacturers that produce binaural beats, but your MP3’s are really the best! I don’t know why, but you do something different. You once said that many providers simply offer such frequencies with no real substance, that they can have errors and that it does not work and therefore some users believe that it will not work at all. But yours are really awesome! Thanks Jonathan!”

“I ordered the ‘Being a Non-Smoker’ and listened to it today. I don’t really want to quit smoking, but it was still a very special experience. After the MP3, it felt so bitter and cruel in my mouth, as if I had 6 cigarettes in my mouth at the same time and smoked them together. So, maybe I will still be able to stop smoking without my will (although I know it would be better without it) that at some point I will be spoiled again and I will remove the glow stalks. Would be a sense of achievement again. I’m just not quite ready yet. I would like to thank you, Jonathan, for what you are handing over to us for so little money. Just great. ”
(After 6 weeks, the person wrote to me Jonathan and happily explained that she had quit smoking.)

“I just did the“ DNA Activation”. Something great and special, I have to say! I first connected to nature and mother Earth. I felt like I was in the shower and it was like a rhythmic whole body massage. Simply a great feeling! We’ll see what else can be felt in the next few days. I can only recommend it to everyone! ”

“The MP3 with the frequencies for “Sexual Stimulation”… What can I say? I really wanted to have sex again! That was not the case with us before. My friend thought that was really good. We are a couple for eight years. That frequency brought more pep to our relationship again!”

“I downloaded the pineal gland MP3 “Activate your Pineal Gland” and listened to it straight away. I was ecstatic about what happened then, but at the same time I was irritated and a little shocked, because I can’t imagine THAT should have happened THIS… With the room darkened, my sleep mask on my nose and a good pair of headphones, I tried to follow your instructions at the beginning of the MP3 episode. I was excited to discover my pineal gland and to find out what it would like to show me or not. After the chorals (ie with the beginning of the iso tones and the natural noises) there was a tingling sensation between my eyes as well as I could really see these white dots in front of my eyes). WOW! I was very pleased. There was also a kind of ecstatic feeling on my forehead (which I have never experienced before!). It became a real pre-orgasmic phenomenon. It was an indescribably beautiful and intense feeling! Thank you!”

“Yesterday I listened to ‘Strange Dreams’ before going to bed and I was a bit surprised! When the singing started, I saw 5-6 Africans dancing and singing in front of me. I don’t know if I listened to the MP3 until the end or sank into a dream before. I then met my last husband in a dream! He had always been very sad in my previous encounters. Though what struck me positively now, my husband was no longer sad in my dream, but happy now. A few nights ago I also had a very short dream of him. I was in a church with a friend when we were about to leave, my husband stood in the doorway and smiled at me contentedly. I only greeted him briefly with ‘Hello’ and then the dream was over. That makes me really very, very happy! ”

“I have a double adapter and always listen to the MP3 “Lucid Dreams No. 2” with my girlfriend at night. It is very nice to try and share it together. Afterwards or the next morning we always tell each other what happened in our dreams. It’s really great.”

“At the beginning, I always fell asleep in “Lucid Dreams No. I” , but when I was listening to it, after the seventh or eighth time, I could remember my dreams very well.”

“I just wanted to give positive feedback on the MP3 “Muscle Building and Fitness”. I am still in the build-up phase when it comes to my return to training, but the progress has been impressive since I started using this great MP3. On the one hand, I increase extremely quickly with the weight gain on the barbell in training. Then I see muscle growth in the thighs and arms in the mirror. But what weighs almost more impressively is the progress in fitness on the spinning bike, where I always crank a certain interval. When I was in training for a week or two, my best mark was 210. When I used your MP3 for training for the first time, I was 230. Interestingly, I increased every time after that – I couldn’t do that before! I also often had the feeling that more could have been done. So until yesterday my record was 243. This morning I said to myself, today I’m really going to accelerate. And what came out in the end? 258! A fantastic increase!”

“In one night I had three lucid dreams “Higher Awareness” and two out-of-body experiences! Thank you!”

“I think with “Strange Dreams” I made the right decision. I’ve had more dreams in a week than in three months. Cool!”

“Superlearning” has been the MP3 that has helped me the least. I could hardly build up concentration when listening. However, I ask you not to see this as a final judgment, I will have to test it more often.”

“Of course I can’t say much about “Increase Intelligence” yet, although I do have a positive feeling, but after a few days I was much more focused and somehow “more attentive” in my intellectual work. I am therefore very excited about the long-term effect.”

“Increase Thinking Power” – After a few minutes I felt an effect. I am more focused, focused and less distracted now. I just get into my work better. Great MP3!”

“Yes, the ‘Schumann Frequency’ has been my absolute favorite so far! If I want to have a surprise experience, I listen to this MP3. The conditions are almost always different, but consistently positive. My constant thing about this MP3 is that breathing becomes much deeper. What happened to me about ‘inconsistent’ loss of physical tension, changed perception, bliss, worsening of sensory perception, exaggerated happiness, etc.”

“I was curious but also sceptical. I have now ordered almost all MP3s of your shop and tried them one after the other. My favorite is “Higher Awareness” and “Strange Dreams” . Voices just bother me. I like it quiet and only the pure tones in the background. I listen to them in the armchair and while traveling. Anywhere you can. You shouldn’t do this when driving – I know that too. Once I was on a sofa and listened to an MP3, suddenly I was up in the sky and could see the bus from above. It was an intense experience.”

“I took the MP3 “Surfing Breeze” and listened to it right away. I have listened to many other MP3s with binaural beats from other manufacturers, I don’t know why, but your MP3 has had a very positive effect on me. The relaxation was very quick (numbness, staggering like on a ship) was very pleasant. I will order another MP3 from you as soon as possible. ”

“I am very satisfied with the MP3s I ordered a few weeks ago. ‘Visual Emotions’ was awesome! Remembering so many dreams was really a huge step towards to more awareness like I once had.”

“When I rediscovered “Lucid Dreams No 2” , I heard it 4 times during the night because I was very tense. Slowly warmth came into my limbs and then the third time I listened to it, my legs twitched so much that I was very dazed and scared. It was really so blatant that at some point I couldn’t. It took a long time for the legs to calm down. Despite exertion and exhaustion the next day, I am very happy that the body was able to expand and relax so much.”

“I ordered 2 MP3s with pure frequencies. The first night I had an out-of-body experience and some weird effects. I now listen to the MP3 more often and hope that I will have so much success again soon.”

Problem Solutions, Questions and Answers:

“After I inserted the MP3 and put my headphones on, I got it after about 10 minutes a strong head pressure. I don’t know why, but the pressure got stronger and I didn’t want to go on and stopped.”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “The head pressure is quite normal, it can occur if you listen to the MP3 too loud or if the energies get into your head during concentration and cannot escape then. You should turn down the volume and turn it off to endure head pressure regardless of how strong it should get, because these new energies will open important energy centers to a certain point. Sometimes this is only possible with such a strong head pressure!”)

“I got the MP3 “Astral Journey”and I don’t hear any specific on it.”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “Such an MP3 is from the ‘Pure Tones‘ series and only carries pure tones on the MP3 audio file, which are designed to bring the brain into a state that is typical of the out-of-body experiences and supports experiences and making them easier to reach. The MP3 with ‘Pure Tones’ therefore does not offer any auditory delights and some MP3s do not have a single tone for the first 5 minutes to give the person the necessary peace, relaxation and well-being.”)

“Why are the frequencies offered in MP3 and not in WAV or 24bit?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “Binaural beats and isochronic tones only contain individual tones that are contained in different frequency configurations on the MP3 or wave file etc. The difference between two different tones creates the frequency in the brain that is intended. It makes no difference whether you are listening to such individual tones in MP3 in 128kb or in 24bit. For this reason, our standardized 320kb are completely sufficient. This has no influence on the frequencies that are to be generated in the brain in 24-bit. It just would be interesting if you would add classical music, jazz or other musical genres and lay them over the frequencies, for example to experience better and higher audio enjoyment. However, we are concerned onto the frequencies, we use music very much rare, because after listening to it five times or more you are tired of the music. This is why we often just use pure tones, because you keep listening to them longer.”)

“I became more and more restless and couldn’t lie on my back anymore. It went on until I just had to turn around and stop.”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “This urge to want to lie on the side sometimes occurs. It is better if you then switch off the MP3 player, relax for a moment, find your way back to everyday life and then only get up and stay awake for half an hour. Then you can try again. If it happens more often, you can also try your meditation or session on your side. “)

“I always woke up from the sounds at night because I had set the MP3 to infinite. Some sounds come so suddenly that they can wake you up.”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “That you awake by the sounds has been intentionally set up in this way. This way you can become aware of short dream impressions that can appear within a few seconds of sleep. These short-term dream sequences in the hypnagogic state contain information from the subconscious and can be very helpful if you remember them.”)

“How can I test whether my MP3-player plays your MP3s correctly?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “It doesn’t really depend on the MP3 player, but on the possibility of switching to simple stereo. Some players already have mixed stereo or Dolby Surround or similar settings. I have the Philips MP3 player GoGear for around 99 euros, but you can also try out a test MP3 that tests the player.”)

“I only hear a noise and such strange sounds … Does that have to be and is this all?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “Yes, that’s exactly right. It doesn’t depend on music or great songs, but only on the underlayed, quiet frequencies that are intended to provoke the desired state. Also, every MP3 is clearly marked, what will be listened to and, of course, what should trigger or make it easier to achieve. Likewise, we have rarely coupled the frequencies with extensive music, because most are bored after listening to the music more than ten times. The frequencies alone are not boring. Additionally also the noise in the background is necessary, it supports the effect of the frequencies and prevent headaches.”)

“When I listen to a special MP3 of you, I sometimes hear such threatening tones. Does it have to be that way?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “Some MP3s have suggestions that are played at different speeds. While being in a dream, we experience different time speeds and perceive it slower or faster in our everyday life. This happens in deeper states of consciousness and if you plant suggestions here, they have a particularly stronger effect. So, the threatening tones are strongly slowed down suggestions that can sound like a dull rumble.”)

“Which MP3s are you allowed to fall asleep with and which are not?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “You can recognize this automatically when you listen to the given topic of the respective frequency. For example, out-of-body experiences: You can fall asleep calmly, that’s okay, but if you want to make it out-of-body, you should be mentally alert. Only the body should stay asleep. And for example telekinesis: In this case you can listen to the frequencies and at the same time try to move something with your mind. So it is always self-assessment.)

“I always fall asleep after a few minutes. Somehow the MP3 doesn’t work?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “Then you should try an MP3 for beginners, because the mind-altering tones do not vibrate quite as slowly as those for advanced users, that is, the slower the frequency, the more one can tend to fall asleep. If your brain is “trained” enough to listen to the MP3’s, you fall asleep later and notice the changes in your mind. Afterwards you can dare to play the MP3’s for advanced users.”)

“I bought the MP3 “Higher Awareness” and somehow it doesn’t work the way I wanted it to. I bought it to get out of my body, but it wasn’t more than a tingling and turning. What am I doing wrong?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “The MP3 should help to bring the brain into a frequency in which it is easier to detach from the body. Some listeners to these MP3s have already experienced spontaneous out-of-body experiences after days or weeks, others only after months or years, and yet others suddenly experienced completely different things than what they actually intended to do with a certain brainwave, because the sounds reactivated a talent, but some experienced nothing at all because of subconscious fears of which they were unaware. So, everyone has to find out for themselves, through continuous listening and possibly parallel meditation, to which category or frequency one belongs.”)

“I only have small headphones like the ones available with portable MP3 players. Is that actually possible?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “It also works with it, but you should use good headphones to get a nicer and more intense sound. Not only the bass is worked out finer, but also the sound in general. The mixed sounds, for example maybe a little more scratch-free through the ear canal.”)

“A standard headphone can only reproduce a minimum of 10 Hz. But you work with even lower Hertz numbers. What about this?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “These deep Hz must not be on the MP3 either, but are also generated by the brain itself through the discrepancy of two different tones, which in turn causes the oscillation effect. My output tones are often around 100 Hz and so it fits into the audible range and any headphone can be used.”

“Is it good to listen to the MP3 on my computer?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “Not nercessary, it may be that it distorts the mixed sounds. Also a conversion to the well-known MP3 format is difficult, because almost all sound cards in PCs work with simulated stereo. For those mind-altering tones is absolutely necessary “Real Stereo” for your soundcard and they only guarantee very expensive sound cards. Also a copy on a tape or music tape does not bring much if the source of origin was not available and not digital.”)

“I have an MP3 player. Can I convert your MP3 to MP3 and then transfer it to my MP3 player?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Most sound cards have joint stereo and this distorts the sounds that matter. There are also some other difficulties that can arise from the burning program or the conversion The risk is too high that the sounds will be distorted and have no effect if you don’t know how to encode and convert these MP3 files.”

“Then what about your MP3 files that you offer? Do they work?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “Yes, they have been correctly converted into MP3 considering all stumbling blocks and are working. The sounds were not distorted during the conversion.”

“How do you know the frequencies that“ supposedly ”can cause the healing effects? Have you gotten to grips with all the MP3 frequencies and then found out the effects?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “There is a secret original list with all frequencies that researchers have put together, tried and tested. There are many lists on the Internet, but almost all of them are useless. But those, who are well versed in the subject, know which is the correct list. I have not tested ALL frequencies, however, there are always some that have tested them and also offer such MP3s and with which I have contact. One of these researchers trained me many years ago in to be able to create these MP3s at all and to get to know the correct frequencies. Since then I have started to create and offer such frequencies by myself. Unfortunately the market is full of amateurs who hope to earn a few dollars quickly and their frequencies do not really work. Unfortunately, this has discredited the whole topic of binaural beats and their effects, but you can clearly see from the feedback that these frequencies that I offer also work and function.”)

“Before I order an MP3, I would like to know whether I need special or at least good headphones, or whether every cheap thing from the supermarket does? Is it only possible to have speakers without headphones if I put them to the left and right of my head? ”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “The frequencies of the tones are in the 100 Hz range and can therefore be played with any headphones. The vibrating third tone is generated exclusively by the brain and for this no special headphones are needed. Speakers only work if they face each other and the head is placed in between or if you use isochronic tones you can listen to it everywhere, also on the computer. However, with Binaural Beats you should be more careful, because many soundcards only have a simulated stereo and generate the vibrating sound in advance, which, however, must only be generated by the brain.”)

What is the difference between your productions and the HemiSync MP3s from the Monroe Institute? Are yours of higher quality?”

(Answer from J. Dilas: “Monroe works with Hemisync. If you are not a contractual partner of the Monroe Institute, because it has registered a patent for this term, it is not allowed to use the term Hemisync, because it is a registered trademark. The technology alternative providers, however, describe their sound technology as “binaural.” Higher quality is then a question from the second step after the technical application and conversion as well as the targeted sequences that are used. Most providers of binaural tones that I found on the net have produced faulty MP3s, because they just copied sounds somewhere and just mixed them into the MP3s, but personally they do not really know the technology, which unfortunately meant that the Hemisync – and the binaural technology – were assumed over time don’t work well.”

“Hi! I downloaded a file from the Internet using a file sharing program and then listened to it. But I didn’t notice much.”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “If you download such files from the Internet, maybe by file-sharing programs or otherwise, you can count on them to be 99% in MP3 format, ie the original file was created from MP3 copied the computer and then converted it to MP3 format, which will distort the binaural beats in most cases – if you don’t know how to correctly encode them and convert them to MP3. A small chance that the tones and therefore the effect will not be destroyed is if the file were downloaded as a wave file. I personally tried several of these files and they were unsuitable in almost all cases and the subtle tones were distorted. This is also a problem, why it unfortunately increased the rumor that MP3s with binaural beats have no effectiveness. There are also other important issues that many providers do not know and therefore create defective MP3s. My MP3s are encoded correctly.”)

“If I download MP3s like yours with a file-sharing program, is that a pirated copy?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “Yes. Though, as already mentioned, these stolen files are usually defective in realtion to the important frequencies that have to affect the brain. For this reason, it doesn’t really bother me if someone illegally downloads any frequencies from somewhere. If you want to listen to distorted tones with unknown effects, you are welcome to do so.”)

“What kind of frequencies or brainwaves do you offer?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “I largely use the technology of binaural and isochronic tones with different additional modules, such as silent subliminals, time pitch, visualized audio and others. These are created in multiple layers and then finally converted to MP3 with 320kb.”)

How can you burn an MP3 to an audio CD?

(Answer by J. Dilas: “First you convert the MP3 to WAV. You can do this with software like Goldwave (do not use converters!) . You load the MP3 into the program, then click on” Save as “and select the file format “WAV”. Then the MP3 is converted accordingly. Then you open your CD burning program and select “Burn Audio CD”. Then you add the generated WAV file in the burning window and let the CD burn. Ready!”)

“I am deaf in one ear. What now?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “I have now been able to speak to two people who are deaf on one side. In this case, you should use a test MP3 to see if it still works because there are different types of deafness – like me. For this reason, first test whether it still works. If this is not the case, you can use the isochronic tones, but unfortunately you have to do without hemispheres synchronization. However, the intended state can still be achieved with isochronic tones. Additionally you can use the isochronic tones, you can listen to them without headphones and also with just one hearing ear. The isochronic tones are marked with “ISO” in the shop.”)

“Can I get the MP3s as audio CDs for my CD player?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “No, unfortunately not at the moment.”)

“Can I use the MP3s for my Mac?”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “Yes, it is possible. MP3 is a format that can be read by all devices and is internationally valid for Windows, Mac and smartphones.”)

“Where did you get your sounds from? Did you steal them or why are there several on the internet like out of body experiences, super learning and many others? ”

(Answer by J. Dilas: “There is a special frequency list and everyone who has this list can check which brain frequency favors which condition. With good software you can create exactly this frequency and generate an audio file from it. If ten shops in the Internet offer, for example, binaural beats for Superlearning, then they all have to use the same frequency, since the frequency list specifies which frequency should be used for this. Some then offer their MP3 free of charge, the others do not. Unfortunately, most providers have not been trained in how to exactly produce such MP3 files. They just use any software and get started. But there are many stumbling blocks for the exact and effective creation of such frequencies. This starts with the compression and continues with the used software, the type of stereo, the soundcard, up to conversion and implementation. One mistake is enough to distort the frequencies and make them ineffective.”)