DMT Simulator for Pineal Gland


The use of “LSD” is not allowed, but it is quite allowed to use sound frequencies to get your brain into exactly the similar state.


Use legal LSD with the LSD simulator and use digital drugs with LSD frequencies and their own LSD effect

With the frequencies and its binaural beats on this MP3 the effect of “LSD” is simulated. this brain frequency is an “LSD” simulation, which means that it is possible to simulate a condition for minutes using sounds that make you feel like you are experiencing the condition on LSD. The optimal LSD simulator and digital drug, to try legal LSD.

In some countries, such as Arabia, digital drugs have even been banned because they actually work. But in the German-speaking countries you are much more tolerant because LSD is prohibited as a substance, but legal LSD, as triggered by sounds, is allowed.

What are hallucinations? One speaks of perceptions that a person perceives that others in the environment cannot see or hear. Is music a hallucination if you wear headphones? So should the music you hear on headphones be unreal and non-existent for everyone else who doesn’t hear the music, just a hallucination?

When a human sees a pink elephant, it is a hallucination. If a hundred people see a pink elephant, it’s a mass hallucination, but if everyone sees a pink elephant, will it be chosen as God?

The definition of hallucinations is very misleading, because in reality the perception of “hallucinations” is rather a media skill. People who do not understand media perceptions simply call them hallucinations. Possessing media perceptions is based on the use of media skills. It is not a hallucination, the way you define the word itself. It’s just a person’s personal skills.

Hallucinate? How is it and how does it feel? Simulate awareness expansion and LSD effects through binaural beats

“LSD” usually works for up to 8 hours. This frequency, on the other hand, is only available for a few minutes, for safety reasons, of course, and it offers the possibility of quickly moving back to the usual everyday state in the event of uncertainties.

Please do not use for important activities that require concentration, such as when driving or moving through traffic. It is recommended to sit down in an easy chair and listen to the frequencies.

This MP3 is only recommended for people with strong nerves. Please use headphones.

Duration: 10 min.

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