DMT & Out-of-Body Experience


With these frequencies on this MP3, a DMT release is provoked and then the frequencies are transmitted to the brain that cause an out-of-body experience.


DMT – Out-of-Body – activate the pineal gland and experience an out of body experience, lucid dreams or lucid dreams with Binaural Beasts

DMT means dimethyltryptamine and was developed by Dr. Rick Strassman injected volunteers with official permission, using chemical extraction of the active ingredient, and the following experiences are recorded. 75 mg alone can be enough to trigger an unforgettable and intensive experience via a DMT release, which can lead to the assumption that the impressions experienced can only be hallucinations. It is so incredible what can be learned in ten minutes after being inhaled or injected that the test subjects were shocked.

Decalcify the pineal gland with these frequencies and at the same time trigger an out-of-body experience and provoke the body’s own DMT release

The figures who left the cave in Plato’s allegory of the cave and saw the sun for the first time should not have felt any different. According to Plato, they went back to their places and didn’t stay outside the cave because they felt safer inside. They also could not tell others what they had seen, and did not pay much attention to the truth questions. How should you tell the truth to someone who has not seen it yourself?

After administration of DMT, there is a very strong buzzing in the ears or in the brain, if one so wishes, which becomes almost unbearably loud, stimulates the pineal gland, the person experiences an out-of-body experience and, in the best case, then an extremely complex one designed tube system is conveyed, which is apparently used as a transport shaft to gain access to the cosmic-collective communication network.

One races with incredible speed through several realities, fractal worlds, computer-simulated systems, distant planets within our universe, into infinite astral realities or temporarily even directly into the hereafter. Suddenly the journey stops and you are faced with a personality that is rarely a human being. Communication is now possible in a direct way. You can ask questions or just observe science fiction worlds, beautiful beings or buildings or incredible landscapes that are as real as if you were standing in the middle of these realities with your body.

Every person has a so-called pineal gland in the middle of his brain, which was once 1-3 centimeters tall in view of human history. Nowadays it is only a few millimeters in size and has developed a lot. Within this pineal gland, DMT is naturally produced by the body and stored in it.

In the past, you could always use the DMT inside your body to leave your body and dive into the wormhole universe so that you could travel to all other worlds and communicate with other beings. It was possible to leave the physical reality immediately upon request and to travel to another. But over time the pineal gland shrank and this interesting ability faded away.

Psychonauts and DMT Level

With regard to the psychedelic journey “outside” into the worlds of the cosmos, one can cite different levels or levels that one can experience with a DMT distribution. A consensus has emerged with the help of many cyber or psychonauts:

Level 1: changes in the field of vision, stronger colors, music sounds wider and more spacious.

Level 2: visual perceptions, fractals, strong colors.

Level 3: Very strong visions, faces, 3-dimensional structures, increased sensitivity.

Level 4: Strong perception of objects, time becomes meaningless, time distortions, time jumps.

Level 5: Perception of alien beings, distant places, distant planetary systems, galaxies, mechanical engineering, the hereafter and much more.

The DMT occurs in every living being, flows through our blood and is produced in the pineal gland. It can be made to release DMT with the consciousness-stalking (but illegal substance) or with the right brain frequencies. A DMT release is provoked on this MP3 and then the frequencies are transmitted to the brain that cause an out-of-body experience.

This combination is very exciting and often triggers interesting perception effects and images. It is very interesting here that the own tone of the pineal gland, which occurs with a strong activation, is simulated here in order to intensify the effect.

Please use headphones.

Duration: 35 min.

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