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Video frequencies – out of body experiences in three minutes, direct entry into lucid dreams, health, wealth and much more. Dissociation is the strongest tool.


Video frequency: dissociation with alpha frequencies and binaural beats or binaural video as video frequency for dissociation

Superheroes came to their superpower in the strangest way. In the beginning they were often shaken, irritated and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. A superpower is not so easy to control because it is not supplied with a manual. Superpowers are therefore not only depicted polarized in films, but also as an internal conflict in the superhero himself. He disguises himself so that his civil identity is protected in everyday life. He wanders around at night to use his super ability for the good and he discovers the conflict between two personalities who are in dispute over who he really is. So Spiderman argues with Peter Parker and Superman with Clark Kent, i.e. an inner conflict between everyday self and the inner superhero.

Having a super ability is a curse or a blessing. How you decide that for yourself as soon as you have found your own superpower is up to you. In any case, dissociation is one of the superpowers that a person can activate in themselves. Anyone who tries to activate them intentionally differs greatly from those who simply had this ability. The latter then tend to consider themselves victims of the dissociation and seek medical or psychological advice. However, this does not have to be the case!

A dissociative state to recognize dissociative states is the best trauma therapy or dissociation as a trauma therapy

Dissociation is a person’s often misjudged ability and therefore the best technique to accelerate his spiritual path. She is the superhero ability that slumbers deeply in every human being and hopes for her revival. Of course, dissociation is also a dangerous technique, because people who are not familiar with it can experience the most surprising effects. Suddenly memories of past lives can become conscious or knowledge of any kind. Sometimes so surprising that you are irritated or shocked for a moment. You need a bit of nerves like wire ropes. Dissociation with alpha frequencies is therefore the optimal mix to reach the dissociative state more easily, a state in which one can no longer think. Because dissociation is nothing else, namely the ability to temporarily block your flow of thoughts. Because only thinking constantly tells us who we are and where we come from. If it is not possible for the consciousness to temporarily no longer remember who you are, you can find access to all the other personalities that existed in our subconscious or in other lives.

According to scientific studies, people think about 60,000 thoughts a day and thus use about 80% of their psychic energies for thinking! The dissociation therefore causes an accumulation of energy, because the energy normally used for thinking cannot be used and acts through the dissociation like a dam. The accumulated energy can be released after the dissociation and then opens the awareness for an expansion of your own perception.

There are various possibilities with the technique for dissociation:
1. Configuration of innumerable forms in trauma therapy (psychologically)
2. Fragmentation of the self and subsequent full defragmentation (from a therapeutic point of view)
3. Reintegration of repressed and split off personality parts (from a therapeutic point of view)
4. Exploring the subconscious (from a therapeutic point of view)
5. All kinds of enlightenment (spiritually)
6. Self-knowledge of all kinds (psychologically and spiritually)
7. Lucid dreaming (also for the treatment of nightmares)
8. (Spontaneous) healing of the physical body (in medical terms)
9. Exploration of your own personality aspects and their configuration (also in therapeutic terms)
10. Exploration of alternative realities (also in quantum physical terms)
11. Exploring Other Incarnations (Spiritually)
12. Reaching higher states of consciousness of all kinds (spiritually)
13.Development of paranormal abilities of all kinds (clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.)
14. Conscious change in the mental body and use of it (spiritually)
15. Reactivation of the pineal gland (spiritually)
16. Time dilitations (also in terms of quantum physics)

This video frequency has a double force. This is unique so far. These special sophisticated frequencies train the brain via eye and ear in order to be as fast as possible

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