Mind-altering MP3s and Video-Audio Files:

Please note the following Points when using our MP3 files:

  1. To a large extent, switch off any background noise in the room.
  2. Remove various pets from the premises that could disturb you.
  3. Turn off radios, cell phones, or other devices that may interrupt you. Set smartphones to flight mode, if necessary also disconnect the wifi box from the power!
  4. Darken the room as much as possible, especially if you want to use the MP3 during the day.
  5. Just relax before you start playing the MP3.
  6. Always listen to the MP3 in normal stereo. Important! Do NOT switch on noise filters, Dolby Surround, Superbass, 3D sound, mono, joint stereo or other features on your playback device, just simple stereo.
  7. Don’t hear the MP3 too loud! 15-20% of the volume is completely sufficient.
  8. If you get headache, stop the session and continue a few hours later, or repeat the next session the next day. It may also be due to the volume being too high.
  9. Do not go to bed immediately after a sumptuous meal and then listen to the MP3, wait for 2 hours until the feeling of fullness has subsided.
  10. Use your preferred meditation technique, or just relax while listening to the MP3.
  11. If you have purchased an MP3 with Silent Subliminals (this is clearly marked with “SSL” on the MP3), then it is important to use headphones that are capable of playing up to 20,000 Hz, otherwise the Silent Subliminals will come not through.


BB: Binaural Beats. Most MP3s at Brainkicker are based on Binaural Beats and are therefore not explicitly labeled. For this you always need the use of regular headphones, since the two halves of the brain are first balanced and then the frequencies are played. Alternatively, you can lay down or sit between two loudspeakers that are at least 1 m away from your ears. Any headphones are suitable.

ISO: That means Isochronic Tones. The MP3s with this label can be used without headphones and can be played on all devices. Only the direct frequencies are used here.

SF: Solfeggio Frequencies. These are absolutely harmonic carrier frequencies, which have their own healing effect and at the same time enable a better effect for other frequencies.

SSL: Silent Subliminals. These are suggestions that are embedded in the frequencies, not audible, that can bypass the consciousness and thus flow directly into the subconscious. MP3s with Silent Subliminals are marked accordingly. However, this would require headphones that can support up to 20,000 Hz.

VSF: Video-Sound Frequencies. Here the frequencies are not only passed via the ears, but also via the eyes. This is, so to speak, a double use of our frequencies through the senses. So far, Brainkicker is the only portal that offers this at the moment.

320 kb: MP3 quality. Music files (MP3) marked with 320 kb are of the highest possible quality that is possible for MP3 files. Most MP3 on the Internet have 128 kb as standard quality. With Brainkicker it is always 320 kb.

TPT: Time Pitch Technique. The playing of suggestions at very high or slow speeds in order to reach the brain at a different time speed during dreaming, e.g. in a dream state or in the half-awake state one is much more susceptible to suggestions.


Side effects: Sometimes there may be temporary disorientation, temporary confusion or short-term anxiety while listening to the MP3 or afterwards. We also do not recommend MP3 for epileptics, people with serious heart diseases and choleric people. Pregnant women should no longer hear the MP3 from the 6th month, as the side effects are still unknown. In any case, the user assumes sole responsibility for listening to these MP3s and their possible side effects and is fully committed to buying MP3 ‘in this shop! We accept no liability. We ask you to take this into account! Furthermore, we assume no responsibility for the use of these MP3s, neither for the possible effects that they could have, nor for damage to any playback devices. If a headache or other physical or psychological discomfort occurs, listening to the MP3 should be postponed to the following day. These MP3s are probably unsuitable for children under the age of 12, pregnant women or people with a tendency to epilepsy.