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With these video alpha frequencies, the dream memory of seeing and hearing is optimally increased. The special thing about these video frequencies with binaural beats is the double stimulation!


Video sound frequencies: Alpha waves – Improve dream memory with binaural beats to be able to remember dreams

The special thing about these video frequencies with binaural beats is the double stimulation!

As usual, tones are sent to the brain via the ears, but with this video additional visual stimuli in exactly the same frequency range. This causes a double force.

These special, sophisticated frequencies train the brain via the eyes and ears to expand the alpha waves as quickly as possible and increase the space for better memory and to promote personal paranormal ability.

Increase the dream memory with alpha frequencies, coupled with video frequencies and binaural beats

This also makes it much easier and easier to remember, for example, out-of-body experiences immediately after returning from one. For this reason it can also be used very well for indirect out-of-body experiences and intense dreams.

This video has only the pure frequencies (binaural beats), below which a noise was placed, without music and with some natural sounds. With these alpha frequencies, the dream memory is increased. You can run it in the background in any situation. However, this video works best if you sit in front of your computer in a completely darkened room and look relaxed and relaxed at the flashes of light. The boxes should be placed to the left and right of the ears.

This video has alpha frequencies to increase the dream memory in the form of video frequencies.

Download: approx. 250 MB.

Best player: VLC player.

Duration: 30 min.

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