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Who or what is Brainkicker?

Brainkicker is a shop that offers meditation music (in the form of downloadable audio files, video files and digital e-books) and was created by Jonathan Dilas, writer, blogger, artist and consciousness researcher and Shiva Suraya, counselour and researcher of awareness. Jonathan has published nine books, is known on YouTube and from television, and has many visitors a day on his blog called Matrixblogger.

During his research on expanding consciousness, pineal gland, dreams and out of body experiences, he came across a man from the USA with whom he became friends. He told him about binaural beats, isochronic tones, silent subliminals and other musical-oriented tricks that could get the brain into the frequency that one would like to have. This means a man who is fit and healthy, whose brain vibrates at a slightly different frequency than a man who has physical issues. If you train the brain to vibrate in the frequency of a healthy man, the body of the man with issues can heal itself faster.

This only illustrates the principle and you can think much further! Every state of consciousness and every physical state is reflected in a different brain frequency or brainwave. If you want to experience lucid dreams, headphones are used to listen to the exact frequencies that cause the brain to vibrate like someone who knows lucid dreams very well.

Such frequencies abound in Brainkickers and there is something for everyone!

Some time later, Jonathan was convinced of the effect of such frequencies through many self-studies and so he agreed to train his new friend to produce such frequencies independently. He found that there were many stumbling blocks that most producers of such meditation music had run into, and are still running, and therefore their works had some effect. For three whole weeks, with eight to 10 hours of work every day, Jonathan learned to create these frequencies manually and in a very targeted manner, without weakening, distorting, incorrectly calculating or tapping into other traps. After that Jonathan started to create these frequencies specifically, with the correct frequencies and flawlessly, so that they show their maximum possible effect. These frequencies are now offered in this shop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him personally: matrixxer [ät], visit his website or simply try one of the many exciting frequencies…

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